Pearl Jam – Parachutes tab ver. 2

chord fingering and plucking patterns:

plucked only in the verses, strum the chords in the choruses.
it's okay to strum the verses too.

(tabs not according to correct timing)

G: 320033

G7: 320001
C: x32010
ADim7: xx1212
Bb: x13331
Daug: x10332
Am: x02210
Am*/C* : switch from G to Am or G7 to C halfway through the G /G7pattern Am** :
G/F# : 2x0033 Em : 022000 Em7 : 020000 G Why deny Am* all the troubles when combined With the missing links Am** It don't feel like D G home now,... G That you're gone all the troubles Am* Suddenly explained infinitum You're always wishing and Am** never here at D Home G You G7 All the dreams we shared and C Lights we turned on Adim7 Bb But the house is getting dark G7 C And I don't want to know your past Adim7 Bb But together share the dawn Daug G G/F# Em And I won't need Em7 Nothing else Am Cause when we're dead C G We would've had it all G/F# And died Em Em7 I would've fallen from the sky Am To you C G Parachutes have opened now Heaven knows if there's a ceiling Gone so low with the kneeling Please know that I got All the friends I need and Before my light goes out As the doors are closing now And far away will be my home And to grasp this, I don't know But I don't need Further back and forth, a wave will break on me today And love,... Wish the world could go again with love One can't seem to have enough And war,... Break the sky and tell me what it's for I'll travel there on my own And love,... What a different life Had I not found this love with you
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