Pearl Jam - The Golden State tab

Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder) & Corin Tucker - The Golden State (John Doe Cover)
This is my first tab so bear with me :)After looking at videos of Eddie playing it, Ive 
that its different to the chords that John Doe uses.
This song is very easy - perfect for beginners. 
 - based off this live performance.

Little Intro thing: e|---------0-------------|(It might be played b|---10------10-10-------|lower on the studio g|------7------7---------|
version, I'm just d|--0-----0--------------| x2going off the live a|-----------------------| version) e|-----------------------|
Verse: Simple chords - add little variations. (D chord during verses- take your 1st finger on off G string) The chords might not be in exactly the right place but you get the idea. D B A You are the hole in my head D B A I am the pain in your neck D B A You are the lump in my throat D B A G I am the aching in your heart Pre Chorus: (G) Em We are tangled G We are stolen Cadd9 (*) A We are living where things are hidden (*) - Walkdown bit - dont know the chord name but after playing Cadd9 when it says "things" keep the Cadd9 shape but take your 2nd finger off the A string put your first finger on the A string on the 2nd fret. it looks like this :
2nd Verse- Same chords used in 1st verse You are the something in my eye I am the shiver down your spine You are the lick of my lips I am on the tip of your tongue 2nd Pre-chorus- same chords used in 1st prechorus We are tangled We are stolen We are buried up to our necks in sand Chorus: D We are luck Em We are fate G A We are the feeling you get in the golden state D We are love Em We are hate G A We are the feeling I get when you walk away Em G A Walk Away (use e string to "walk" up to G 2nd and 3rd fret) Variation - use your little finger on the 5th fret of the B string when playing A - it a nice touch. 3rd verse - same as previous verses You are the dream in my nightmare I am that falling sensation You are my needles and pins I am your hangover morning Pre-chorus- same as other pre-choruses Chorus - same again except extra Walk away at the end - after the first walk away dont A chord after G - go back and play Em, G and then A. like this: ...when you walk away Em G Walk Away Em G A (*2) Walk Awaaaay!
*2- after playing the A go up the 14th fret and play for a few strums:e|--xb|--15g|--14d|--14a|--xe|--x
Verse - same as first verse. End on a D (After playing G of course ;) )
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