Pearl Jam - Lukin tab

E5  D5  E5  C5  (x4) 
E5              D5                   E5             C5 
Drive down the street can't find the keys to my own fucking home 
E5          D5            E5               C5   
I'll take a walk so I can curse my ass for being dumb 
E5          D5              E5               C5 
I'll make a right after the arches, stinking grease and bone 
E5             D5          E5                C5 
Stopped at the supermarket people stare like I'm a dog 

I'm going to Lukin's 
I've got a spot at Lukin's 
I knocked the door at Lukin's 
C5               D5 
Open the fridge, now I know life is worth

E5  D5  E5  C5  (x2) 
E5          D5          E5              C5 
I found the key but I return to find an open door 
E5           D5                 E5               C5 
Some fucking freak who claims I fathered by rape her own son 
E5        D5               E5                      C5 
I find my wife, I call the cops, this day's work's never done 
E5         D5                   E5           C5          
The last I heard that freak was purchasing a fucking gun 
-------------------- -------------------- --9------7-----5---- --9------7-----5---- --7------5-----3---- -------------------- E5 D5 C5
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