Pearl River - Does She Need Me chords

Does She Need Me
Pearl River

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        G CShe spends a lot of time
G CTalking with her friends
           G CShe'll meet them after work
GBe late getting in
Am                                    CShe's got all these things she does
Gto fulfill her needs
Am                                      DAnd sometimes it makes me wonder
G C DDoes she need me
G                            CShe really loves her job
G CAnd she knows she does it well
G                         CAnd anyone can see
GShe's so sure of her self
Am                                    DIt seems she could live with out me
GHer life is so complete
           Am                                  DAnd it really makes me wonder
G C DDoes she need me
      G  But ever now and then
          C                          D                          GShe'll come and lay her head down on my shoulder      
    C                                  AmAnd she'll whisper in my ear
                           DAnd ask me if I'll hold her
                      C                                                 DAnd they'll be something about the look in her eyes
C                                           DSays she's trying hard not to cry
Em    AmIt's plan to see
C                                   DAnd I don't have to wonder
G        C       G      C (ring)Does she need me
GCause she needs me
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