Peasant - Fine Is Fine chords

By Wouter Pans

Capo on 3th fret

  C"(pink first on 3th fret of the lowest e string, then on 1st, then normal C chord)2x 
F G CTalk over, talk over every little sound
C" F G CGone 20 on 30, can't we just be friends
F C C/BSo you're looking for a ride
F C C/BSaw you coming up the side
F C C/B Am Lean your head upon the window for a while and take it out
verse 2 follows the same chord progression as verse 1 Who sent you, who made you, why you looking around Who caught you, who kept you, kept you for a while So you're going for a ride Say I'm boiling up inside But if you're going then come on and choose a side because it's getting tired, tired Love's leaving, ice breaking, Why's it always fine Why's it always feel fine
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