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Pedro the Lion
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Rhodes Notes:  D/F	C/F	|    D/F	D/G
This line is metaphysical
And on the one side, on the one side
The bad half live in wickedness
And on the other side, on the other side

The good half live in arrogance
And there's a steep slope, with a short rope
This line is metaphysical
And there's a steady flow, moving to and fro

Dm	F	
Oh, look you earned your wings
Bb		  Gm	c
Are you an angel, now	Or a vulture
Constantly hovering over 
Waiting for a big mistake

Oh, my God, what have I done?
Oh, my God, what have I done?

Dm		Am	c	Dm	
Wouldn't you love to be
Am 		Bb	Gm	c
On the cover of a magazine?
Healthy skin, perfect teeth
Designed to hide what lies beneath

Dm		Am/C		Bb	
I feel the darkness growing stronger
Am			Bb		Gm		c
As you cram light down my throat
How does that work out for you
In your holy quest to be above reproach?

Instrumental:	Dm	Bb	Dm	Bb


Outro (repeat): 
Bb	Gm	C	2x
Dm	Am	C  	2x
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