Pedro The Lion – To Protect The Family Name chords

Gplease don't haul me in
F though i'm drunk again
Ei can explain
Am i swear to you
Gfor a week i have
Fbeen completely dry
E Am Guntil tonight
F Ehe's been such a good example
Am Geveryhing he's done for me
F E Ami couldn't bear to let him down
Ammonday night
Gbrother sat me down
F very graciously
E Am G and explained
F E Amif i'm going to help you
Am G Fi must make it very clear
E Am Gbrother that i love you
F E Ambut certainly i hate your sin
Am G Fso you see you can't arrest me
E Am Gi swore i'd be careful not to
F E Amfurther shame the family name
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