Pedro The Lion – Bad Things To Such Good People chords

To clarify: I used the chords from the "tabs" version, but organized them so that 
you now know exactly when to play each part. I also came up with the bridge 
chords, which were not previously included. This is suited for a man's voice, if 
you want to change it feel free to use the lovely transpose button.

"Bad Things to Such Good People"

Am CMy dress shoes on
F Dm FThe well-kept cemetery lawn
DmBoth of them weeping
F Dm Am C F Dm Their one good son now was gone
F C GAnd all the while
C G AmThe good Lord smiled
Dm G AmAnd looked the other way
Dm G AmAnd looked the other way
Am CWhen we were kids
F Dm FI did my best to make them proud
DmIt just wasn't in me
F Dm AmI could not fly straight to save my life
Am C F Dm FTheir big success is not their biggest failure
Am C F Dm FTheir golden child has been dethroned
Am C F Dm FTheir reputation is now in ruins
Am C F Dm FTheir tower to heaven has come tumbling down
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