Pedro The Lion – Transcontinental tab

Off the new album ACHILLES HEEL

C              Am7   Em               F          Fm         C            
Engine severs lower legs, I feel my bruised heart beating - Spinal cord 
   Am7      Em                 F      Fm       Am              Am/G         
remains in tact, still sending and receiving - Laying back on shoulder 
  F                    C  C/B Am            Am/G        F
blades, cargo rushing past - Missing limbs beneath the cars, twitching on 
      G      C/E    F         D/F# G    G/G#    Am       F                
the tracks - Clic clack, now handicapped, north am transcontinental - 

C               Am            Em    F G G/G# Bb 

C          Am     Em            F         Fm      C    
I remember as I bleed, certain tales of bravery - A man who's legs were 
  Am       Em             F     Fm         Am         Am/G         F        
trapped beneath, a fallen evergreen tree - He decided he would chop them 
                C C/B Am                Am/G     F 
off above the knee - To sacrifice his shins and feet, and set his torso 
 G      Dm      Am         F                 Em   E/G#   Dm     
free - The luxury of having been spared the hard part - You'd think would 
 Am            F              G     C/E      F       D/F#     G  G/G#     
be enough for me to pull this off - But I'm left to bleed to death - Now 
Am       G       F     C           Dm       G          G#  Bb  C            
all the man I've ever been - North am transcontinental.

Submitted by eric starrs.
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