Pedro The Lion - Longest Winter tab

Pedro the Lion
"The Longest Winter"
tabbed by Gabriel Adams
Gadd4 - 3x001x

intro/verse riff


hammer on
verse 1 Spring comes slowly to this old friend. Still I'm frozen, I still live alone. chorus F C C/B Am G F C C/B Am G F Dm Gadd4 G In time memories fade, senses numb, one forgets how it feels to have loved completely. verse 2 Love well young man, while you still can. Once your leaves turn you won't love again. repeat chorus E Am Fm completely bridge riff
C E7 Am Fme----------------------1-|b-1------0---0--1------1-|g-0-0----1---1--2------1-|d-3-2-2--0-2-2--2-0-2--3-|a-3-3-3--2-2-2--0------3-|e--------0-0-0---------1-|
C E7 Am Fm Is it special when you're lonely, will you spend your whole life C E7 Am Fm in a studio apartment with a cat for a wife? C E7 Am Fm The seasons, when they call you do you barricade the door? C E7 Am Fm Are you stubborn, stubborn, stubborn to the core? C E7 Am Fm Is it your way or the highway? Thanks to Gabriel Adams for the tab i just posted it for people to see
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