Pedro The Lion - Longer I Lay Here tab

	    The Longer I Lay Here - Pedro the Lion
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of my
pedro songs.  I can't beleive noone's tabbed it out yet since its pretty easy and it's
perfect song to just play by yourself on an acoustic guitar.  I played and sang this 
for a talent show at a church and won 150 bucks, so I'de suggest you learn it too = )
easy and beautiful

Tabbed by: Steven Humphreys

Capo on 3rd fret

       C            Em
you're up with the sunrise
     F             G
and down when the work's been done
      C          Em
with excellence industry
F            G
dilliegence naturally
Am      C          F
I would like to be you
G          Am         C      F
just for a few habit forming years
G        Am           C       F
laziness cuts me like fine cutlery

C   G    C        F         C
I need a miracle someone to help me help myself

       C      Em
sweet Jesus I need you
    F           G
forgive me this sin
     C         Em      F          G
not hookers or heroin gambling or gin
    Am          E           Fm           Gm
it sounds so ridiculous but I just can't lick this
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