Pelican - The Creeper tab

Hey everyone! Pelican's new album is out and it's amazing! You should definitely check
out! And since there are only 6 Pelican tabs on UG (which is a shame, they're such an
band), I decided to upload this. For now, it's only the "main" hard-hitting riff. I'll 
to tab the rest later. I by no means claim that this is correct, but at least it's a
point and it sounds alright... Not sure about the tuning as well, sounds ok in Drop C 
previous album were in Drop B, so this is tabbed in Drop B.

The octaves are optional, it just sounds fuller when played solo.

C#||---------------------------|G#||---------------------------|E ||*--2----2----3-5-5--5-8-8--|B ||*--0----0----1-3-3--3-6-6--|F#||---0----0----1-3-3--3-6-6--|B ||---0----0----1-3-3--3-6-6--|
S S E E S S S S E Q 2x-----------------------------||-----------------------------||--8-7-2--2--7-7-7-5-2--2----*||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0----*||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0-----||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0-----||
*apply vibrato on the slide notes S Q S S S S S E S S E-------------------------------|-------------------------------|-----------------3-5-5--5-8-8--|--1s-8----8s-1-L-1-3-3--3-6-6--|--1s-8----8s-1-L-1-3-3--3-6-6--|--1s-8----8s-1-L-1-3-3--3-6-6--|
S S E E S S S S E Q 2x----------------------------||----------------------------||--8-7-2--2--7-7-7-5-2--2----||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0----||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0----||--6-5-0--0--5-5-5-3-0--0----||
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