Pendulum - Watercolour chords version 2

I thought the other chords are a bit of a stretch, so u can use these if ur not as 
much as an expert on guitar! :D

[CAPO 1]

Em G DWhen I'm falling down
Em G DWill you pick me up again?
Em G DWhen I'm too far gone
Em G DDead in the eyes of my friends
Em -----------Will you, take me out of here?
When I'm staring down the barrel When I'm blinded by the lights When I can't see your face Take me out of here (x3)
CTake me out of here
EmAll I believe, and all I've known
C EmAre being taken from me back at home
Yeah do your worst, when worlds collide
C EmLet their fear collapse, bring no surprise
CTake me out of here
Em --------------Feed the fire, break your vision
Throw your fists up, come on with me (4x)
C D EmJust stay where you are.
D CLet your fear subside
D EmJust stay where you are
D If there's nothing to hide
Submitted By Jodie T :)
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