People In Planes - Know By Now tab

“Know By Now”
People in Planes
Beyond the Horizon


e |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|b |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|g |---------------------------------------------------0----0--------0-----0--|d |------2-------2-----------------------------------------------------------|a |-0-0------0---------------3------3---------3-3----3------3-3-----3--------|E|-------------------0-1-1-------1---------1---------------------------------| Am F C C
Without you, it’s nothing It’s just a room with a view And all these things that we’ve collected Just remind me of you Pre-Chorus:
e |--1------------/----------------5--------------------------3---------------------|b |--1------------/----------------5--------------------------3---------------------|g |--2------------/----------------5--------------------------4---------------------|d |--3------------/----------------7---x3--------------------5---x32 (8 sets of 4)--|a |--3------------/----------------7--------------------------5---------------------|E|--1------------/----------------5--------------------------3----------------------|
F Am G And everything I do And every word I say to you There’s nothing getting through Is it over? Chorus:
e |--00000000----00000000----00000000----00000000--|b |--11111111----11111111----11111111----11111111--|g |--00000000----22222222----22222222----22222222--|d |--22222222----33333333----22222222----33333333--|a |--33333333----33333333----00000000----33333333--|E|--33333333---------------------------------------|
C F Am F I should know by now Know by now You let me go You let me go from you I should know by now Know by now But somehow I knew I would not get through to you There’s a bridge that rides out F and Am, but I’m not going to tab it, you just sort of to wank it out on your own.
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