Pepper Rabbit – In Search Of Simon Birch chords

This is my first tab. I couldn't find anything for this song so I had to do
it myself! I couldn't hear the chorus very well and the guitar seems to cut
out the second time it plays, but at least here's the main riff. It's a great
song. Enjoy!

(Main Riff)|--3-----|--3-----|--0-----|--0-----||0---0---|0---0---|0---0---|0---0---||-2----2-|-2----2-|-2----2-|-2----2-||--------|--------|--------|--------||--------|-------0|22222222|22222220||33333333|3333333-|--------|--------|
Oh, I've been circled, by all these hurdles. I have in mind a plan designed to get away from all these dangers, But now it's weird that I've got here and found myself makin' it with a stranger.
Em Am Trying to show you better,
Em AmIt's not always a letter.
(Riff again) Oh, I climb quickly, if you weren't so sickly. Takin' all your time just to try to get better, still the second verse doesn't mean I've written you a letter.
Em AmSlower than a snail,
Em Abetter in the mail,
Em Amgone to get you snail,
Em Amthirteen cents to mail,
E, A, E, A,
E AAnd with the children ridin' on the dawn,
E AAnd with the backs all broken, I am on.
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