Pepper - Wake Up tab version 2

Wake Up- Pepper
Tabbed by:jahbrudda


e|--7-7-------3-3---5-5-----------------------|B|--8-8-------5-5---7-7-----------------------|G|--9-9--(x2)--5-5---7-7----------------------| Intro and chorusD|--9-9-------5-5---7-7-----------------------|A|--7-7-------3-3---5-5-----------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
e|--7-7-----3---5--------------------------|B|--8-8-----5---7--------------------------|G|--9-9-----5---7--------------------------| verse and pre-chorusD|--9-9-----5---7--------------------------|A|--7-7-----3---5--------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
there is also a little riff that they run during the pre chorus and I tried to figure it but I didnt so, THUG LIFE!!! but if anyone gets it that would be cool if you told me or your own version. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off
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