Pepper - Give It Up Dirty Hot Sex Song tab

Pepper kicks major fucking Ass...Really Easy Song.... Standard Tuning....Intro & Verse Chords- E, B, AE--------------------------|* During the verse, palm muteB-(9)-(4)--(2)-------------| the chords, especially on the A.G--9---4----2--------------|D--9---4----2--------------|A--7---2----0--------------|E--------------------------|
Pre-chorus/Chorus chords- G, B, A,E-----------------| *During the Chorus, feel free to useB-----------------| upstrokes on the chords to give itG-(4)---(8)--(6)--| a ska feel if ya like.D--5-----9----7---|A--5-----9----7---|E--3-----7----5---|
"Why'd ya have to sleep with my Dad?" part-E--7--(7)--(5)---|B--8---7----5----|G--9---7----5----|D-(9)--9----7----|A-----(9)--(7)---|E----------------|
Back to the Chorus... end on the chords E, B, A (...please me...) Have fun......
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