Perfume Genius - Normal Song chords

Follows the same progression the for almost the entire song with the same picking 
pattern in 3/4 time
F/F: Bass note is 1st Fret, 6th string with hammer on.


CHold my hand
AmI am afraid
GPlease pray for me
FWhen I am away
Comfort the girl Help her understand No memory No matter how sad
CAnd no violence
AmNo matter how bad
G F/FCan darken the heart
COr tear it apart
Piano Interlude C Am G F Take my hand When you are scared And I will pray If you go back out there
CComfort the man
AmHelp him
F AmThat no floating sheet
GNo matter how haunting
CAnd no secret
AmNo matter how nasty
GCan poison your voice
F/F COr keep you from joy
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