Pernice Brothers - Somerville chords

Em   Am(finger down on 3rd fret of B string for that one part on both)

Bm  Am  C  D

G Am DI’m sick of the cynical. I’m sick of the fashion show.
G Am DThe vapid and overblown someone someone tells me I ought to know.
Am Bm CI wouldn’t stay around if the money let me linger on until the end of
Am Bm
CDecember. And waste another year like a minute, trying to forget, cause I
G Am D remember my home.
Verse: I left there with bitter words. I’ll go back with cap in hand, and launder the bed I hurtful things said, and pick up where I began. Bridge: The penny lost its shine. Dirty ankles on the promenade in rubber flip-flop sandals. me back the rags, the neurotic and the sweet lament, ’cause I can’t handle it.
G Am BmI’m gonna take a lover. Gonna take her back to Somerville. Show her around
C Gthe neighborhood, re-case the place and settle down. Gonna take a lover.
Am Bm CGonna take her back to Somerville. Don’t care if she’s pretty as we leave
Suck City. G Am D 2x and back to bridge 1 then back to chorus 2x
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