West End Girls tab with lyrics by Pet Shop Boys - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls tab

I've listened to this song many times and really liked it. I wanted to find some tabs,
but there weren't any! So I tried to make out something by myself. Here's the result. Enjoy!

Intro: [I'm not sure of the first chord, it's somewhere around the one I gave:)

Esus4[the long one] G  B7  E  G B7  E [too lazy to count how many times:)
B7 E

verse&chorus part1
Bm Am7....  (Am7 should be played with G on top!!!!)

chorus part2
B7            E
'...west end girls....'

the rest is the same

C B7 E....

Asus4 is played like this
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