Pete Doherty - Sheepskin Tearaway chords

Intro: A | C#7 | D | Dm        (He adds a G note to the A chord.)

A C#7She opened her heart
D Dm To A tearaway, (A sheepskin tearaway)
A C#7 He was covered with scars
D DmAnd full of heroin
A C#7 Everyone said from the start
D DmNot one single thing, could ever be OK
Bm-C#m-D-E She didn't listen any way...
Protip:|||||||(hope thats enough to get you through it)||||||| She just opened her heart Threw her cares away And they held on so tight in the dark He brushed her hair away She heard him say All my life I've been fighting And making the best of And willing very bad luck, very bad luck, very... very bad luck To Thee All your fighting got you nowhere If nowheres here with you On my skin And you can fight forever But if you killed them all You'd never win So give me your surrender There are other ways To kill the pain But things will never mend you It's like trying to dry your eyes in the pouring rain She opened her heart To tearaway, (sheepskin tearaway) Was covered with scars And full of heroin Tearaway, sheepskin tearaway Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep Sheepskin tearaway
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