Pete Murray – Unfinished tab

Unfinished – Pete Murray
from Opportunity EP

I really like this song, its very simple and easy to play and sing along to.
the chords should be right, well they sound right to me anyway.
you just gotta get the feel of the chorus changes from petes version if you want it to 
anyways i hope someone out there likes pete enough to know and wanna play this song, i 
i did!!

Chords used: C Em Asus2 G G/F#e|--0--0----0----3---3------|B|--1--0----0----3---3------|G|--0--0----2----0---0------|D|--2--2----2----0---0------|A|--3--2----0----2---0------|E|-----0----0----3---2------|
Intro - C Em C Em C Em x2 Verse C Em C Well it's been such a long time now Em C Em And our days together are falling Asus2 C And the road hasn't been all smooth Em C But I know that if we Em C Em Try to understand Asus2 Where we both went wrong C Em C That we can be so happy Em C Em After these forbidden times Asus2 Just you and I Chorus C G G/F# Em And now I know I have to be so strong C G G/F# Em I have to let you find your way home on your own C G G/F# Em And I don't understand what's tearing us apart C G G/F# Em And I cannot hide the pain that’s rippin up my heart C Em C Em C Em Asus2 Verse C Em C Right now I know I don't belong Em C Em Here in this situation Asus2 And im sure you understand C Em C That we have something Em C Em Something that is kinda special Asus2 And I don't wanna burn it down C Em Like I told you C Em C The best times of my life have been Em Asus2 Spent right here with you my friend Chorus Instrumental - C Em C Em C Em x2 Chorus C G G/F# Em x2 (slowly the second time round)
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