Pete Murray – Let You Go chords

Here are the chords.
Pete Murray plays the D and G string using his ring finger, pressing the same fret with 
the same finger on both strings.
On the C# chord his middle finger plays the E string on the 9th fret. Same for the 
G# and F#.

Chords C# E G# F#e|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|} You CAN play these two strings OR NOTB|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|} it depends which one you like most.G|-9-|-9-|-4-|-2-|D|-9-|-9-|-4-|-2-|A|-x-|-7-|-x-|-x-|E|-9-|-0-|-4-|-2-|
Intro: C#,E Verse1:
C#It's been four long years gone by now
ECan see the shape I'm in
C#Rest assured I'm on my way
EHow'd you get me to the place I been
C#Only you know it's always faith
ENow all my faith's in a spin
C#As I'm almost on my way
ENow please take me right in
G# F#Because every word has been a moment in time
G# F#You're like a poem that's caught in my head
G# F#I curse the day when I'll see that lonely smile
G# F# (keep playing until first "Let you go") But it's better than playin' pretend And I know, yes I know That I have to Chorus:
C# ELet you go, let you go,
C# ELet you go, just like I want you to stay
C# ELet you go, let you go
C# ELet you go, just like I want you to stay
C#It's the time now, it's all there
EIt's way out, that's been wearin' me thin
C#I stop right now and say bye to all this
EAnd take it right on the chin
C#Only you know that when your faith's out
EA new faith will begin
C#As the darkness slowly fades now
ECome let the light in
Repeat Bridge and Chorus Guitar solo (play same as Intro x4) Repeat Bridge and Chorus
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