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Pete Townshend – Annie tab

Annie - Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane @ Rough Mix
It's a calm song from "Rough Mix" but very fine!


Intro:- D - A - Bm(7th fret) A(5th fret)F#m A - G - - D - A - G F#m Em - D - chords for all verses, except chorus!!!
Ohhhh, look stand tall, Annie See the world grow small, Annie But when will it fall, Annie, when will it be.... Winter has come, Annie No friend in the sun, Annie And when it's gone, Annie Where shall we be? Chorus: Bm A All those colors have faded Bm A When ol' Jack comes to call Bm A Don't tell him no, tell him maybe G D Ohhhhh now, Annie, may God bless us all G D Oh yes Annie, God bless us all -Instrumental- (Same chords as Intro) Did the children they call, Annie? Every leaf must fall, Annie God bless us all, Annie Where ever will be Outro: Bm A (same Chrods as Chorus) Bm A Bm A G D G D... Listen to the song! Then it's easy to play...and very cool :-) The album "Rough Mix" had not much succes but i can only recommend it to all of YOU!! its fine stuff...
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