Pete Yorn – Black tab

Intro D----7--7----4--4-------------7---7-A-5-5--5--2-2--2-----5--5--5-5--5---E-----------------3-3--3------------
D Bm Black is a cast, G D And two is a crowd, D Bm And gold rim is an answer. D Bm Black is a crowd. A I am just for you, G D As you are not for me G So even if you stop, Em Youýre sitting here by yourself, G Em You can never try to answer anymore, G You can never start Em And see what youýre doing to me. D Bm Kiss, they were the ones, G D They dressed like something so special, D Bm And death is to begin, D Bm caress, I think it's a sin A I was alone, G D Only 'til you took me away, G And you can never stop, Em Youýre sitting all by yourself, G Em You can never try to argue anyone, G You will never stop and see, Em What youýre doing to me. G Em I'm alone, D A While he was standing next to you, G Em And days prolong, D A Yeah there was time, Bm just you wait and see, Bm G Waiting for a bottle of truth, D A G Iým just a lonely guy in my youth, A G D Waiting for you is all I wanna do, chorus x2 What youýre doing to me, What youýre doing to me, What are you doing with me
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