Pete Yorn - Just Another tab

By: Pete Yorn
Song: Just Another Girl
Album: MUSICFORTHEMORNINGAFTER (And Various Soundtracks)
Transcribed By: Jonathan Hensel

NOTES: Just A Couple Of Notes For This Song.  On The Album Version
(MUSICFORTHEMORNINGAFTER) Pete Playes This Song With The Tunning Turn Down
A Hafe Step.  But When Played On Acoustic, He Uses A Standard Tunning.  So
You Have Your Choice On Witch One You Want To Use. Also I Tabed This Song
In A Way You Can Play It With One Guitar Instead Of Two.  But If You Want
To Play It With Two People, The Rythum Plays The Same (Walking C Line) And
The Lead Plays The Lower Strings.  Just Listen To The Song To Understand

CHORDS USED: C Am Dsus2 F Em G-3- -3- -1- -3- -3- -3--1- -1- -3- -1- -1- -0--0- -2- -2- -2- -0- -0--2- -2- -0- -3- -2- -0--3- -0- -x- -0- -2- -2--x- -x- -x- -x- -0- -3-
INTRO: Played Like A Walking C
C Am C Am C|-----------------3---3--------------------3-----3-----(3)-|---1-----1-------1---1-------1-----1--------0h1---0h1-----|---0-----0---0h2-2---2-------0-----0---0h2----------------|---2-----2---0h2---0---------2-----2---0h2-------------2--|-3---3-3---2-0-----0---0-2-3---3-3---2-0---------------3--|----------------------------------------------------------
Am C Am C(And So On)3-----------3---3-0----3-----------3------3-0-|---1---1-------1-1--------1---1-------1--0h1-----|--10---0---0h2---2--------0---0---0h2-2----------|--02---2---0h2---2--------2---2---0h2------------|--2--3---2-0------------3---3---2----------------|3------------------------------------------------|--- YouAndI..
C Am C Am Dm F|--------------3---3-------------------3---3h0-----1-1-0---|--1---1-------1-1-1-------1---1-------1-1-1---3-3-3-3-----|--0---0---0h2-2-2-2-------0---0---0h2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2---2-|--2---2---0h2---2---------2---2---0h2---2-----0-0---0---3-|3---3---2-0---------0-2-3---3---2-0---------------------0-|----------------------------------------------------------
C (Back To C and Am For Fill)---3-3-0-|---------------3---3-0-|---1-----|---1---1-------1-1-----|-2-2-----|---0---0----h2---2-----|-3-3-----|---2---2---0h2---2-----|-0-------|-3---3---2-0-----------|---------|-----------------------|
VERSE 2: (Repete First Verse Chords Untill The Fill In And Replace It With This One Into The Chorus) FILL 2: (Into Chorus)
C|----------------------|--1---1-1---1-1-0-0-1-|--0---0-0---0-0-0-0-0-|--2---2-2---2-2-2-2-2-|3---3---3---3-3-3-3-3-|---------------------- You Were...
F Em F Em Am Em|3---3-----------3-0-----3-----------3-0-----3---------3---|1-1-1-------0-1-----1---1-1-1-1-0-1-----1-1-1-1-------0---|2-2-2-2p0-0---------2-2-2-2-0-0---------2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0---|3-3---3p0-2---------3-3---3-0-2---------2-2---2-0-2-2-2---|0-0---0---2---------0-0---0-0-2---------0---------2-2-----|----------0-------------------0-------------------0------- laying Wide...
G 3-3-3-1-1-0--1-1-1---0-0--0-0-0---0-0--0-0----------2-2----------3------------
FILL 3: (Between Chorus And Third Verse)
C Am C-----------------3-----3-----(3)---1-----1---------0h1---0h1-------0-----0---0h2-------------------2-----2---0h2--------------2--3---3-3---2-0----------------3---------------------------------
Verses 3,4, And The Chorus Are Identical To The First Ones As Is The Fill Ins Except You Play The Second Chorus Twice. And Then The Outro Is Simular To The Intro With Some Improvisions And Harmonica. ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS OR REQUEST EAMIL ME AT or IM Me At Jon61983
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