Pete Yorn – Lose You tab

This is not consistent with the studio recrding of this song. It is in a different key
it is designed to enable the performer to play the song without any instruments except
guitar. If you softly finger-pick it, it will sound very soothly. Don't be afraid to 
up your own little picking pattens in the "free space"


E[------------------------------] B[-3----5--0----3--3--------3---] G[---------0-------2-----0--0---] D[-0---------------0---4--------] A[--------------------------3---] E[-3-------0--------------------]
Chorus (I don't need a better thing.....)(Make up your own picking patterns on these chords) E[--------------------] B[--1---0---0---3-----] G[--0-----------2-----] D[--2---0---0---0-----] A[--0-----------------] E[------3---3--[2]----] [optional note]
During the line in the first chorus, "I just have to wonder through this world". On the "World" play
E[-----] B[--3--] G[--0--] D[-----] A[--3--] E[-----]
Worldless part/the "I'm gonna lose you" part
E[----------------------------------------------------] B[--3----3-3----3-3----3-3----3-0----0-3----3-3---3---] G[--0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-2---2---] D[--------------------------------------------0---0---] A[---------3--3----------3--3----------3--3-----------] E[--3--3----------3--3----------0--0------------------]
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