Pete Yorn - Bandstand In The Sky tab


verse 1 and 2 G So come with me to a place that we don't know C Am D Come with me, I just wanna say hello Bm C If you need some inspiration before we go, just know G D C-Am It's the way I have fallen in with you G D C-G It's the way I have fallen in with you Verse 3 Em So here we are now, a couple of fools Am D Driving around, nothing to do Bm C We just made a bad decision, that's alright G D C-Am You can take my life, but I'll never die G D C-Am You can tell that's the way I'll survive G D C-G Looking for the bandstand in the sky Background e-string 5---7---5---7---10---7---5---7 5---7---5---7---12---7---5---7
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