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Peter & The Wolf - Safe Travels (from the album Lightness)

[D]my brother [F#m]dreaming of a new land
[D]where the rivers [F#m]wind through the villages
[G]and the people [D]breathe so [A]easily
[G]all the region [D]trees go the [A]same way
[G]don't have to go
i [D]know you know [A]you know
but [G]if you gotta go
safe[A] travels[G]

[D]my brother [F#m]wander in the tall grass
[D]it's ok to run [F#m]we expect you back
[G]know how to climb a [D]tree i [A]assume you do
[G]i admit it [D]man i'm not as [A]sharp as you
[G]oh but i know
it's [D]still a war [A]down there
and [G]if ya gotta go
safe[A] travels[G]

oh [D]oh safe[A] travels[G]
oh oh safe travels
oh oh safe travels
oh oh safe travels
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