Peter And The Wolf - Silent Movies chords

SONG   | Silent Movies
ARTIST | Peter and the Wolf
ALBUM  | Lightness

F F/E F7I've been dreaming of a girl I knew
Bb Bb/A Bb/GLived up on 7th avenue
F D7 G7 C F | Db7 C7I wonder if she's been dreaming about me, too
_______ VERSE 2
F F/E F7Silent movies - in my head, they play
Bb Bb/A Bb/GShe's salsa dancing - her hips, they sway
F D7 G7 C F | Db7I truly believe we'll fall in love again, someday
______ BRIDGE
Dm Dm/Db Dm/C GDo you ever think of me, when he's boring you?
BbI'll bet you do
F D7I can't stand it, I can't stand it
Dm7 C BbAnymore, anymore, anymore, “ah ah whooo-ohh-ohh”
_______ VERSE 3
F F/E F7Well you're crazy, that's all I'm gonna say
Bb Bb/A Bb/GIf you think I'll ever let you get away
F D7 G7 C F D7I truly believe we'll fall in love again, someday, hey, hey hey.
Bb C Bb C7I truly believe we'll fall in love again, someday, “Whoooooo-oh”
F ENJOY ______________ OK so I don't usually do this but some of the chords are a little unusual. Here's a few chord diagrams:
| F |F/E| F7| Bb|Bb/A|Bb/G| D7| G7| | | | | | | | | |
| C |Db7| C7| Dm|Dm/Db|Dm/C| G | | | | | | | | |
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