Peter And The Wolf - Sayonara Suckers chords


SONG   | Sayonara Suckers
ARTIST | Peter and ahe Wolf
ALBUM  | Experiments in Junk (but this is the Youtube version)

G D G CWell I know where I stand in this town I call home
G D D7Nothing I see is real and nothing I want is ever mine
G G7So I drinks till I disappears
Emaj7 ABut I'm still in the room and somehow I still hears
G D G G7All the crazy thoughts they've all got in their minds
CSo sayonara suckers
G G7I don't have to hang around here
CSayonara suckers
G G7Everything is so perfectly clear
DI'll see you all in hell
G CI'll see you all in hell
G D GPeople always get what they deserve
COh, yes they do, yes they do
G D CPeople always get what they deserve
Cm GNa na, na na na na na, na na na na.
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