Peter And The Wolf - Ballad Of Redhook chords

SONG   | Ballad of Redhook
ARTIST | Peter and the Wolf
ALBUM  | Mellow Owl

BSo you told everyone
BYou're off chasing the sun
E F# BCatching a ride at the station
E F#And you wouldn't come back
B G#m'Til you get on the track
E F# F#7That you somehow got carried away from
_______ VERSE 2
BYou were once the bright futures
BOnce the proud horses
E F# BEveryone wanted to bet on
E F#But living will land you
B G#mOn different courses
E F# BThan the ones you expect to be set on
_____ BREAK E / E / B / B / G#m / G#m / F# / F# E / E / B / B / E / F# / B / B ______ BRIDGE
E Or maybe you were bored
B F#Said, no more, no more
EPacked up your things
B F#Stepped out the door
E Maybe you were bored
B F#Said, no more, no more
E F#There's a name and a fortune
G#m ATo be made if you want it
E F#Just pick up and head for the shore
_______ VERSE 3
BSo we drink 'til the memory
BFades out of sight
E F# BAnd we brawl 'til it all settles down
E F# B G#mAnd there's music and hollerin' into the night
E F# BIn this faceless forgettable town
_______ VERSE 4
EBut you won't feel the kiss
BOf the ones that you miss
G#m F#When you're bellowing up at the sky
EAnd there's women in Redhook
BTonight boys I tell you
E F# BThere's women to dry your eyes
_____ OUTRO E / E / B / B / G#m / G#m / F# / F# E / E / B / B / E / F# / B / B ENJOY
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