Peter And The Wolf - People Of The Night chords

Em G C/Gish AFor those who see without their sight
Em G C/Gish AThose who love the dragon's bite
G Bish F C They lay awake by lantern light
Bish CLonely people of the night
Em C/Gish x4Aaaoooooohhh
Em G C/Gish AIf you've never seen the way the moon comes up over the bay
Em G C/Gish ADarling. you will never understand a single word I'm trying to say
Em G C/Gish FI've given up on finding love among the human race
Bish I want you alien, I want you alien
CTo cross into my bed at night to say...
Em C/GishAaaoooooohhh
C/Gish: Bish:E|-3-----------2---------|A|-5-----------4---------|D|-3-----------2---------|G|-5-----------4---------|H|-3-----------2---------|e|-3-----------2---------|
n'joy y'all
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