Peter And The Wolf – This Kid I Knew chords

I figured I'd try and work out this song, it's pretty basic, just put a capo on the 1st 
fret, if someone can do a better version, by all means do so, this is just to help 
anyone looking.

D GThis kid that I knew
D GGot tired of school
D G COne day he just walked outta there
D GI'm not trying to sound dramatic
D GPlannin' wasn't his habit
D G CHe didn't even take his wallet, I swear
I lived in LA, he starred in New York One night he showed up at my door He said, when I was soft, I had a similar loft But I don't live nowhere no more
D GI had seen her deserts, my friends
C G DHer canyons, her oceans, her mountains
D GLow flying owl seems to appear
C G DWhenever I'm stuck on the road
D G C D G CBut most of all I loved her highways
D G D GIt's true we were homeless. but the world it was ours
D G COne change of clothes, camped out in the boxcars
D G D GI saw the sky touching earth on all sides
D G CI saw red lightnin in the distance
... and repeat, hopefully you get the idea!
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