Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin chords version 1

This is how I play it. 
Thanks to a youtube video that said you can use a cut capo for this. 
You don't have to, it just sounds a lot better.

Em: 022000
G: 320000
D: -00230
A: 000220

Intro (Em, G, D, A)

Em G D A Em She whispers to me
G D A She whispers her secrets to me
Em G D AAnd I feel her breath as it brushes my cheek
Em G D AAnd her voice is the only sound I hear
Em G D A Em And if I don't move
G D A She pulls me off of my bed
Em G D A And she makes me dance to the songs in my head
Em G D AAnd it's late, but please just sing it again
Em D A She's under my skin
Em D AShe's under my skin
(Repeat verse chords) And if I say no She kisses the scar on my chin And before I can speak, we're dancing again We turn, and spin right out of control Wherever she goes She carries a smile in her hand Like a thief, she can steal any grin that she can And I watch, I wait, to see her again (Repeat chorus chords) She's under my skin She's under my skin She's under my skin She's under my skin Under my skin
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