Peter Gabriel – Down To Earth chords ver. 2

I wasn't satisfied with tabs I found so far, so here's my version

Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman - Down to Earth

Capo 1
Bb = [113331], C* = [335553], G = [355433], F = [133211], C = [332010]

Bb C* x4  (slide your pinky to 6th fret and then back when strumming C*)

Verse 1:
Bb C* Bb C*Did you think that your feet had been bound
Bb C* Bb C*By what gravity brings to the ground?
G C*Did you feel you were tricked
G C*By the future you picked?
Bb C* Bb CWell, come on down
G C*All those rules don’t apply
G C*When you’re high in the sky
Bb C*So, come on down
BbCome on down
Chorus 1:
F CWe’re coming down to the ground
F CThere’s no better place to go
Bb CWe’ve got snow up on the mountains
F CWe’ve got rivers down below
F CWe’re coming down to the ground
F CWe hear the birds sing in the trees
Bb CAnd the land will be looked after
F CWe send the seeds out in the breeze
Bb C* x2 Verse 2:
Bb C* Bb C*Did you think you’d escaped from routine
Bb C* Bb C*By changing the script and the scene?
G C* Despite all you made of it
G C* You’re always afraid
Bb C* Bb C*Of the change
G C*You’ve got a lot on your chest
G C*Well, you can come as my guest
Bb C*So come on down
Bb Come on down
Chorus 1. Bridge:
BbLike the fish in the ocean
C*We felt at home in the sea
BbWe learned to live off the good land
C*Learned to climb up a tree
BbThen we got up on two legs
C*But we wanted to fly
BbWhen we messed up our homeland
C*We set sail for the sky
Chorus 1. Chorus 2:
F CWe’re coming down
F CComing down to Earth
F CLike babies at birth
F CComing down to Earth
F CWe’re gonna find new priorities
F CThese are extraordinary qualities
F CDown to Earth
Chorus 1. Chorus 2. F C to fade
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