Peter Gabriel - On The Air chords

On The Air

Key: E major, Time: 4/4, Tempo: 141


|E5   /D  /G|    /A  /E|   /F#  /G  /A |

|Bsus4 |A    |E/G#  |E   D5|

|B     |A    |E/G#  |E   D5|

Verse 1: (0:34-)

|B |A |E/G# |E D5| Built in the belly of junk by the river my cabin stands
|B |A |E/G# |E D5| Made from the trash I dug out 'the heap, with my own fair hands
|E |G#m/D# |E7/D |C#m7 | Every night, I'm back at the shack and I'm sure no one is there
|E |G#m/D# |E7/D ||6/4 Am6/C | I'm putting the aerial up, so I can go out on the air
|Cmaj7-5 ||7/4 Chorus: (1:05-) ~~~~~~~
|B C#m7 B |(On the air) - on the air
|E/G# B7/F# E ||4/4(On the air) - on the air
|A/C# B |E/A | || On the air______
(Intro) (1:16-) [Verse 2] (1:20-) Every morning I'm out at dawn with the dwarfs and the tramp For a silent communion lit from above by the sodium lamps Everyone I meet out on the street acts as if I wasn't there But they're all going to know who I am 'cos I can go out on the air (Chorus) (1:51-) Bridge: (2:02-) ~~~~~~~
|A | | Leaving the car down leafy lane
Turning out Tarzan for my Jungle Jane
|F# | | anyone at all, from Captain Zero and
his brand of superhero, standing by a call
|D |A | Oh it's not easy, no no no
|D |A |Esus4/B | || No, no it's not easy making real friends
(Intro) (2:27-) [Verse 3] (2:46-) Don't you give me your steak-reared milkboys, milkboys Half alive on empty white noise, white noise I got power, I'm proud to be loud; my signal goes out clear, I want everybody to know that Mozo is here (Chorus) (3:16-) Coda: (3:27-) ~~~~~ |E/A | /B| |Esus2 | /D /G| | /F# /C#|
| | /C /F| | /B /E |(repeat twice)
||Esus2 | | | || | | |On the air________ on the air_____
|Esus2 | (repeat to end)
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