Peter Gabriel - Family Snapshot tab

Hi there,
This is a great song but it was pretty hard to figure out the chords since it's played 
the piano, anyway maybe some parts are wrong but I think it sounds good

Standard tuning with capo on the 1st fret

A               D                 A
The streets are lined with camera crews
     E                D
Everywhere he goes is news
G        Cm
Today is different
G                Cm
Today is not the same
G                Cm
Today I make the action
     C        C*                                G
Take snapshot into the light, snapshot into the light (twice)
   C        C*       C
Im shooting into the light

Four miles down the cavalcade moves on
Driving into the sun
A    Asus4     A   Asus4
If I worked it out right
A    Asus4    A     Asus4
They wont see me or the gun
Two miles to go, theyre clearing the road
The cheering has really begun
A    Asus4
Ive got my radio
A    Asus4     A  Asus4
I can hear whats going on

E        F#m
         Ive been waiting for this
         I have been waiting for this
         All you people in tv land
         I will wake up your empty shells
         Peak-time viewing blown in a flash
         As I burn into your memory cells
         cos Im alive

This part (I've been waiting for this...) can be played this way:

G F#m Holding my breath G F#m Release the catch G A C And I let the bullet fly G D Em All turned quiet-i have been here before C D G C Lonely boy hiding behind the front door D Friends have all gone home G Theres my toy gun on the floor D Em Come back mum and dad C D Youre growing apart G C You know that Im growing up sad D I need some attention G I shoot into the light C*
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