Peter Murphy - Gliding Like A Whale tab

                      Gliding Like a Whale - Peter Murphy
Tabbed by: Myself

Tuning: Standard

Chords (Whole Song):

This song only uses A and D chords; each gets two whole measures, so:

   A                           D
It only takes the time between here and there for landing in another place

This pattern persists for the whole song.

Melody Riff:

This is the melody played by the synth at the beginning of the song, but can be 
fun to play along to.

A A D De|--------------|----------------|-------|---------|B|--------------|----------------|-------|---------|G|-----9--7--6--|----------------|-------|---------|D|--7-----------|--9--7--6-------|-------|---------|A|--------------|-----------9-7--|---5---|---(5)---|E|--------------|----------------|-------|---------|
Bridge Riff: This plays right after the second chorus.
A A D De|---------|----------------|--------|-------|B|---------|----------------|--------|-------|G|---------|----------------|--------|-------|D|---------|----------------|--6--7--|---4---|A|---------|----------5--7--|--------|-------|E|----5----|--(5)--7--------|--------|-------|
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