Peter Paul And Mary – There Is Love chords

   So this is my first tab so please work with me. Hope you like it!

Verse 1

He is [D]now to be among you
at the [A]calling of your hearts 
[Em]rest assure this troubadour is [G]acting on his part 
[D]the union of our spirits here 
has [A]caused him to remain 
for [Em]whenever two or more of you are [G]gathered in his name 
there is love[Em][C], there is love[G][G]


Verse 2

Oh, a [D]man shall leave his mother
And a [A]woman leave her home 
[Em]They will travel on to where the [G]two shall be as one
[D]As it was in the beginning, 
and is [A]now until the end
[Em]woman draws her life from man and [G]gives it back again
and there is love[Em][C], oh, there's love[G][G]


Well then [E]whats to be the reason
for [G]becoming man and [D]wife
is it [E]love that brings you here 
or [G]love that brings you [D]life

Verse 3

For if [D]loving is the answer 
then [A]who's the giving for
[Em]do you believe in something that [G]you've never seen before
there is love[Em][C], oh, there is love[G][G]


Repeat Verse 1 same chords.

Thanks! i Hope you enjoyed!
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