Peter Paul And Mary - The Magi The Heart Of Mans A Palace chords

The Magi (The Heart of Man's a Palace)
Peter, Paul & Mary

Capo 5
Simple fingerpicking

/Am /Asus2 /Asus4 /Am

/Am /Asus2Oh the magi were the prophets
/Asus4 /Am And they wandered through the desert
/DmThey saw the star above them
/Am /EAnd they knew they'd find their way
/Am /Asus2Through the valley of the shadow
/Asus4 /AmWith the hope of human kindness
/Dm They were strengthened by the vision
/Am /EOf a new and brighter day.
/C /GAnd the wisemen spoke of peace on earth,
/E /AmOf harmony and struggle
/F /C /F /GKnow you now a cycle's gone and a new one is revealed.
/C /GIn the weaving of your fingers
/E /Am In the whisper of a love that's born again
/F /CIn the weaving of your fingers
/F /EIn a promise that we made that never ends.
(replay intro)
/Am /Asus2Well now each man is a pilgrim,
/Asus4 /AmYes, we all must make the journey
/Dm /Am /EAnd it seems that time is telling us to be all that we can
/Am /Asus2 /Asus4 /AmTo help lift up the fallen, we must sow the seeds of goodness
/Dm /Am /EThe torch is passed among us now to light the way of man.
/C /GFor the heart of man's a palace
/E /AmAnd his dreams are as the sunlight
/F /C /F /GThey burn away the darkness, as they warm the freezing cold
/C /AmAs an eagle flying higher, as a river through the canyon
/F /C /F /GThe diamond star shines down upon, a pathway to the soul
/F /EIn a promise that we made that never ends.
/F /EIn a promise that we made that never ends.
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