Peter Paul And Mary – The Kid chords

Intro: G, D, C, D, G, D, Em, C

G D Em CI'm the kid who ran away with the circus
G D C DNow I'm wandering elephants
G D Em CBut I sometimes lie awake in the sawdust
G D C Ddreaming high in the suit of light
Em CLate at night in the empty big top on
Em C I'm alone on the high wire
Em A7look he's working without a net this time
D C Dhe's a real death defyer
G D Em CI'm the kid who always looked out the windows
G D C Dfailing tests in geography
G D Em CBut I've seen things far beyond across the school yard
G D C Ddistance shorts of exotic lands
Em CThere's the spires of the turkish empire
Em Csix months sweet we made the land fall
Em A7riding low with the spices of India
D C DThrough Japan were rich in all
G D Em CI'm the kid who who thought we'd someday be lovers
G D C D always held out that the time we tell
G D Em C time was talking guess, I wasn't listening
G D C DNo surprise if you know me well
Em Cas we are walking through toward the train station
Em Cthere's a whispering rainfall
Em A7across the boulevard you slip your hand in mine
D C Din the distance the train calls
G D Em CI'm the kid who has the habit of dreaming
G D C DSometimes gets me in trouble too
G D Em CBut the truth is I could stop no more from dreaming
G D C Dthen I could make them all come true
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