Polly Von tab with lyrics by Peter Paul And Mary - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Peter Paul And Mary – Polly Von tab

   Polly Von is kind of a sad song, so beware.

            Dm                    Gm 
   I shall tell of a hunter whos life was undone
          Dm                                        A  
  By the crule hand of evil and the setting of the sun
        Dm                     Gm
  His arrow was loosed and it flew through the dark
            Dm                         Gm    Am7       Dm
   And his true love was slain as the shaft found its mark

  CHORUS:well she'd her apron wrapped about her and he took 
                    A            Dm                Gm   Am7   Dm
         her for a swan and its oh and alas it was she Polly Von

he ran up beside her and found it was she
he turned away his head for he could not bare to see
As he lifted her up he found she was dead
a fountain of tears for his true love he shed


he bore her away to his home by the sea 
cried father oh father ive murdered poor Polly
ive killed my fair love in the flower of her life 
i had always intended that she'd be my wife


He roamed near the place where his true love was slain
 he wept bitter tears but his cries were all in vain
as looked on the lake a swan glided by
and the sun slowly sank in the grey of the sky


   WELL thats the song. hope you like it.
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