Peter Yarrow – Wrong Rainbow tab

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This is a swell song which is nice and sad.  So, so sad.  Well enjoy.  
It was written by Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary fame.  He was the shorter one who sang tenor.  Methinks he's the better songwriter too.  

Verse 1
Em		                  Am
Autumn leaves are falling round my feet
D                                E
Winter wind is at my face
Am                      Em
Cruelest stars are staring down
B                       Am                  B
Telling me I've finally lost the race

(same chords)

Where did I learn my wandering ways?
What was I hoping there to find?
How could I realize what lie ahead
Could not make up for what I left behind?

Em                                      Am
Must have been the wrong rainbow
D                      G
I don't see any pot of gold
C                   D            Am            Em       
All I see is a man, too old to start again

Solo  Em Am D E

Verse 2
I had a girl in the summer of my youth
I loved her more and more each day
God only knows why I gave her up
For marriage to that cold, cold highway

Never knew the years could go so fast
Never felt my feet so slow
I bet it all on the yellows reds and blues
That ghost I used to call my rainbow


End (same as solo)
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