Petra - Rose-colored Stained Glass Windows tab

Intro: G G Em EmE-----------------------------------3p2p0-2-3----3p2p0-0-2-3--------|B-0-----3--------0-----3--------------------------------------------|G---2-0------------2-0----------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|G-3------3-3-3---3-------3-3-0--0------------0-------------0-0-0----|
Verses: C D Em C D Em Am G D Em (Am may be a Am7) Am C G D
On the last C to G in the Verses:A---3p2p0---|E---------3-|
Chorus: Em B G D Em B G D Em B G D Em B G D (Em)
G EmE----------- -----------|B--0-----3-- --3/5--3-5-|G----2-0---- x2 --2/4--2-4-| x2 You can play the bass notes still likeD----------- -----------| in the intro if you prefer.A----------- -----------|E----------- -----------|
During the Solos it is the G Em Chords like in the intro which fill the backround.
To start the solo....E--------15-15-----------------15-15-----------|B--15b17-------15b17~~~--15b17-------15b17~~~--|G----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Then just jam in the key of G (blues scale at the 12th fret or open tuning) One more important thing Bob throws in during the solo
G G E EE--------2b3b2---------2b3b2-|B----------------------------|G--4-2-0---------4-2-0-------| Then Jam for the E ChordD----------------------------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
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