Phair Liz – Chopsticks tab

Artist: Liz Phair
Song: Chopsticks
Album: Whip-Smart

Tuned to Drop D:

Main Riff:E|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0----4-4-4-4-----5—-5-—5--5-| D|-3-3-3-3---2-2-2-2----0-0-0-0-----------------|A|---------------------------------3--3--3--3---|D|----------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: I met him at a party and he told me how to drive him home He said he liked to do it backwards I said, "That's just fine with me, That way we can fuck and watch TV." Verse 2: It was four a.m. and the light was gray, like it always is in Paperbacks He asked if I liked playing jacks I told him that I was good to sixes But all hell broke loose after that Verse 3: I told him that I knew Julia Roberts when I was twelve at summer camp We didn't say anything after that I dropped him off and I drove on home 'Cause secretly I'm timid
Then this riff: (Slower) E|--1-1-1-1----1-1-1-1-------------|-0-| B|------------------------6-6-6-6--|---| G|---------------------------------|-0-| <-- RingD|---------------------------------|---| A|---------------------------------|-3-| D|-3-3-3-3----0-0-0-0----5-5-5-5---|---|
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