Phair Liz – Explain It To Me tab

explain it to me
	        by liz phair
6/5/99, tabbed by raymond lew -
to match the recording, capo the 1st fret (play all the
notes one fret higher).

it looks complicated, but it's not.  anchor your index finger
on "9" and your ring finger on "10."  use your pinky for the
"11s" and your middle finger for notes on the E string.

e|--0-------0----0----0----0----0-|B|-10------10---10---10---10---10-|G|--9^11---11----9----9----9----9-| (VERSE and CHORUS)D|--0-------0----0---11----0----0-|A|--0-------0----0----0---11----0-|E|--0-------0----0----0----0---10-|
RIFF 2 (add to the end of the first CHORUS)e|--0----0----0-|B|-10---10---10-|G|--9----9----9-|D|--0----0----0-|A|--0----0---11-|E|--9---10----0-|
RIFF 3 (add to the end of the second CHORUS)e|--0----0----0----0-|--0----0----0-|--0----0----0----0-|B|-10---10---10---10-|-10---10---10-|-10---10---10---10-|G|--9----9----9----9-|-11---10----9-|-11---12---11----9-|D|--0----0----0----0-|--0----0---11-|--0----0----0----0-|A|--0----0----0---11-|--0----0----0-|--0----0----0---11-|E|--9---10----9----0-|--0----0----0-|--0----0----0----0-|
VERSE Head underwater Keeps getting harder Give 'em your medicine Fame injection CHORUS Tell him to jump higher Tell him to run farther Make him measure up RIFF 2 Decades longer than you VERSE Piece it together It's like weather Watch him travel Kiss the gravel CHORUS Tell him to jump higher Tell him to run farther Make him measure up RIFF 3 Ten times longer than you ever should You never could explain them to me Explain them to me
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