Phair Liz - Stars And Planets tab

Artist: Liz Phair
Song: Stars and Planets
Album: Somebody's iracle

Intro: D C G G, D C G A

Verse 1:
Oh my look at you

The wide-eyed ingenue
See me coming
Whisper something
Who are you

Looking through the glass at me
Like you're gonna make it happen
         G                  A
Let me tell you something true

You know it's just the same old story

D     C
Stars rise and
Stars fall
         D                    C               G
But the ones that shine the brighest aren't stars at all
              D           C
They're the planets just like us
And from big to small
         D     C     G
We all shine shine shine
         A     (Hold an a on the last word shine)
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