Phair Liz - Russian Girl tab

Artist: Liz Phair
Song: Russian Girl
Album: Whitechocolatespaceegg Demos

Intro: E A B

Verse: E5 A5 B5 (Played with with a gallop) E----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G-------------2-22--4-44-----------| D-2-22-22-22--2-22--4-44-----------| A-2-22-22-22--0-00--2-22-----------| E-0-00-00-00-----------------------|
Verse 1: Iíve been frozen, now itís so hot I can barely see Iíve been cutting them down so they canít make fun of me, yeah Chorus: E B C# C# Been a russian girl, A B E Iíve been a russian girl E B C# C# Iíve been a russian girl, A B E Iíve been russian you
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