Phantom Planet – After Hours tab

Band: Phantom Planet
Song: After Hours
Album: Phantom Planet
Tabbed By: Damien Butler


E B? A E B? Ae---0---X---X--------X---X---0-| B---0---4---X--------0---4---2-|G---1---4---6--------1---4---2-|D---2---4---7--------2---4---2-|A---2---2---7--------2---2---0-|E---0-------5--------0-------X-|
Pre Chorus
Watching everybody leaving,i tell myself looks can be deceiving.Oh im hoping that im not dead right it is after hours,after light and im not prepared to die in style tonight. tried to follow you out but i did not know who youd be leadin on and you might think people dont live thru being dead wrong.well i guess that your parents must have raised themselfs a strictly pious daughter cause you move thru this crowd just like parting water. Oh you dress so nice you dress to kill they drop like flies but whos the funeral for? after a while these hot hot nights can turn everything sour and i know its not hard to get in trouble after hours. This is my version,i would like to thank sea napolen for giving me the base to which i wrote this up.
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